Patient Testimonials


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Rebecca T
I was worried about my daughter's teeth. They were crowded, and not able to descend properly, and her palate was too narrow to accommodate them. She was being teased at recess... I brought her to Ellis & Lindgren, and met with Dr. Ellis. He was very thorough and reassuring, and made a great plan to get her smile in shape. After expanding her palate, it was only a short time before she had dramatic improvement!! Her teeth look amazing, and I am very satisfied with her results. Ellis & Lindgren have more than met our expectations. I would recommend this practice to all of my friends and family. The staff is wonderful, too, and we feel very comfortable and happy with the service and care we receive.

Pamela A
I travel about 25 miles once a month with my son to this practice . Why do I do that? It is because this team is amazing and they provide incredible care for my son. I look forward to going to see everyone there.

Emily G
I had a great experience with Dr Ellis & Dr Lindgren during and after my orthodontic treatment. The staff and doctors always listened closely to my concerns & provided valuable feedback. They were available to get me in in a reasonable amount of time when I needed to be seen out of the appointment dates. They have convenient locations and hours where they could schedule my appointments in. The staff is very friendly, respectful and diligent. I'm happy with the final product. I highly recommend them for your orthodontic treatment.

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Jennifer H
My daughter has always been given wonderful care here (both Burke and Annadale offices)! This morning truly touched me. In the chair next to my daughter was a small boy, maybe 8 years old. They were trying to get an imprint and he was having a hard time with a gag reflex. The staff was SO gentle with him!! One was holding his feet, moving his legs, and counting in a very patient voice. Another was holding the imprint and encouraging him. He ended up throwing up and they said it was okay and he was doing great, still with soft voices and smiles. Our staff person reached over to give them paper towels and when the imprint was done, they cleaned him up, with smiles and positive words. I was overwhelmed with their patience, kindness, and understanding for him!! After brushing his teeth, he left with a smile! Who could ask for better care for kids!! An incredible office I would recommend to anyone!

David H
Wonderful professionals who treat you like part of their family? I enjoy their attention to the necessary details to put a new smile on my face.

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Kathie D
What a wonderful office. Not only top quality care for my daughters but friendly and helpful staff. Their professional, courteous, and knowledgeable staff have guided our family through the ups and downs of orthodontia with patience and care.